Amazing GitHub Repos for Every Developer

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Since GitHub is huge and hard to grasp with the naked eye, I have collected 9 of the most amazing repos out there. These are handy resources for every Programmer seeking to enhance their skills in Web Development.

Free For Dev

As a Developer you often find yourself confronted with the need to use a third-party service like a Database, a CMS, Analytics, Payment, and more .. down to plain ol' Web Hosting. Whether to compare the major cloud providers or something more specific - this curated list got you covered! Free For Dev helps you making informed decisions what service to go with by listing a variety of as-a-Service Solutions offering a free tier for at least a year or more! Check it out if you're seeking a service for your project! 

Frontend Checklist

The Frontend Checklist is an amazing resource you can consult everytime before launching a website getting a project ready for production! Simply browse the list to check whether all required elements are implemented into your website. Some elements are recommended, some can't be omitted, which is highlighted with corresponding colors next to the tool/element.

When I read through the Frontend Checklist first, I even fixed some elements on my own blog, and found useful tools like the SERP Snipped Generator, the Real Favicon Generator or Wave Testing for Accessibility.

It's an invaluable list across HTML, CSS, JS and Best Practices

 Build Your Own X

Have you ever wondered how the software you're using daily works? If yes, this is the perfect repo to find software to re-build in order to learn how it works! Just replace X with the technology you want to learn. 

Lately, I was thinking about what's happening while using a frontend framework under the hood. Plus, because I'm a hands-on kinda guy, I like a practical approach when trying to understand something in depth. I found the perfect tutorial for re-building React myself on the build-your-own-X.

Check out for yourself, what your building next!

Public APIs

This repo is a vast resource of free APIs for nearly every purpose you can imagine. Starting with Animals listing APIs about cute pics of cats, dogs and what else, up to Weather.. and everything in between! It's very handy to get a broad overview of the available free APIs and to find out if they support HTTPS or if you need API keys for authentication. 

HTML5 Boilerplate

This is a professional template to give you a quick start with your next website project!  HTML5 Boilerplate has its own website from which you can start off, but it allows for several other starting points:

  • git clone - and checkout the specific release you want to use
  • npm install html5-boilerplate OR yarn add html5-boilerplate - as a node module
  • the new create-html5-boilerplate solutions - run npx create-html5-boilerplate new-site 

Free Programming Books

With over 160k GitHub stars this repos provides the most astonishing list of free programming books categorized by language! 📚

Have fun browsing the list and even more fun reading! 

30 Seconds of Code

30 Seconds of Code is full of Short JavaScript code snippets for all your development needs! You can search for snippets on their corresponding website! Inside the snippet list you'll find many valuable posts not only JavaScript and React, but CSS and Phython, too.

The Developer Roadmap

The Developer Roadmap is especially interesting for young developers just starting their journey. When I was completely new to web development, I remember feeling a bit lost in the dark when reading through articles or learning new technologies. I sometimes wished for a broad overhead view on the whole picture mapping out each path - just to know where I was located on my journey, right now.

The Developer Roadmap's got you covered showing you every direction and destination possible in Web Development both frontend and backend!

GitHub Emoji Cheatsheet

I used that one alot throughout this post!  Several days ago, my blog didn't support parsing emojis like :smile: from markdown.. 

But a nice remark plugin called remark-emoji made it happend!


Thanks for reading through! ❤️ I hope you found something interesting here and there in this vast ocean of code called GitHub. If you have any feedback on this post, please let me know!